All about virtual numbers

Virtual numbers can be used with your virtual phone for calls, messages and fax

Virtual numbers

Our virtual numbers can be used to send and receive text-messages, fax and make phone calls. We also offer different features for your virtual phone, such as call forwarding or a voicemail.

You can choose virtual numbers from all around the world

Please note that some of our phone numbers can only be used with an identity and/or address verification. This is to protect the user as well as prevent fraudulent intents. Learn more about phone number regulatory and how to add bundles to be compliant with local authorities.


Our virtual numbers come with different services enabled:

  • Call + SMS Call + SMS

    With the Call + SMS service you make the best decision. Receive and make calls, send and receive SMS with one single virtual number.

  • Call Call

    Receive calls from anywhere in the world and make outbound calls online with phone numbers.


    Receive text messages (SMS) for online verification and send outbound messages all over the world.

  • WhatsApp SIM WhatsApp SIM

    Second number to register accounts for WhatsApp, Telegram, Tinder, Facebook Twitter or any kind of SMS verification.

  • Trash SIM Trash SIM

    Receive calls and text messages online. Our Trash SIM is perfect for all kinds of online verifications and enables more features for your second numbers.

Please pay attention to choose the right service for your needs. For example: If you choose a virtual number with service "Call" (only) you can not send or receive messages with this number.


Check out some of our features you can setup with your virtual numbers:

  • Conferences

    Upgrade to Level 3 to add up to 5 people to your conference calls

  • Recordings

    Listen to your phone calls again

  • Address book

    Add numbers to your address book to using your virtual phone easier

  • Call Forwarding

    With our Call Forwarding feature, you can redirect all incoming calls to another phone number. It is also possible to set a custom caller ID, which will be shown instead of your virtual number.

  • Auto recording

    You can enable an auto recording that will record your phone calls automatically. You can enable this feature for inbound calls, outbound calls and even for conference calls.

  • Voice mailbox

    With our voice mailbox, you can create a customized voicemail. You can select a voice and the language it should be spoken in, as well as enter a message for your caller.

    Please note that incoming calls will not be put through if you activate this feature. All calls will be recorded, however, so you will be able to listen to them afterwards.

  • Text-To-Speech

    You can enter and set a customized message that will be played after your call is connected. You can select a voice and the language the message should be spoken in, as well as decide when the message should be played. This feature can be enabled for inbound and outbound calls.

  • SMS Forwarding

    Our SMS Forwarding enables you to redirect all incoming SMS to another phone number. As you do not have to give out your real phone number any more, this is a great way to protect your privacy.

And many more ...

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