Blacktel phone numbers enables a service for calls & SMS. You can connect with Blacktel to the global cellular network.

Choose a service for your virtual phone number

Calls + SMS Call SMS WhatsApp SIM Trash SIM


You can add several dedicated phone numbers with different services to your Blacktel and save costs. Receive and send SMS, receive and make calls and even send and receive fax documents online. Only use what you really need. Blacktel virtual numbers have no contract term, you can change your services every month.

Calls + SMS

With our Calls + SMS service you will make the right decision. Receive and make calls, send and receive text messages - and all with a single dedicated phone number.


Receive and make calls with a phone number.


Send and receive text messages.

WhatsApp SIM

Create accounts for popular messengers and networks such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook and Google and use them without a SIM card or your own mobile phone.

Trash SIM

Receive calls and text online with prepaid phone numbers. Our trash SIM is suitable for many online verifications and is also ideal if you just want to be available, e.g. as a Travel SIM on your next vacation.

You know the feeling — you're in a meeting, or at the airport, and you need to make a call. You've got your cell phone with you, but it's not convenient to use. Or maybe you're just sick of carrying around your own phone everywhere you go.

We understand your pain. That's why we created BLACKTEL. We offer virtual phone numbers with both call + sms capabilities, so you can make an outgoing call from any device with an internet connection. And if that's not enough for you—you can even receive calls and text messages on our platform! Don't worry about your data plan being used up because we have unlimited data plans for all our users!

There are no limits on how many calls or texts you can send or receive each month; just sign up once, and we'll handle all of the rest. You don't need any type of contract with us because our service works just like a regular prepaid SIM card—but without having to buy one first!

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