Phone number regulatory

Create bundles to use phone numbers compliantly in many countries of the world

Regulatory compliance

Both Blacktel and our customers must adhere to local phone number regulations. Local regulations often require providing adequate identity documentation to carriers or a local enforcement agency.

Phone number regulatory

Many countries around the world have recently been increasing their security of how their phone numbers are used. This increased security is driven by various factors, including increased incidents of misuse and abuse of phone numbers, heightened national security concerns, and increased pressure on the supply of numbers. As a result, various countries are updating their regulations or placing greater emphasis on the enforcement of existing regulations, including those requiring validation of who is actually using the phone number and exactly where that individual or business is located. In short, the intent of these regulations is to verify who is using the number and where they are.

Blacktel, our customers, end users, and providers each have a role and a collective obligation to ensure numbers are assigned and used in a manner consistent with the intent of the regulations in the relevant country.

Is this enforcement only impacting Blacktel?

No. Blacktel does not permit spam or abuse on our platform. Regulatory requirements are due to worldwide enforcement of existing and new regulations as nations seek to have better control over their national communications infrastructures. All communications companies, including Blacktel, are subject to these regulations, and providers and end customers ignore such requirements at their peril. End-user phone numbers that do not comply are at risk of being disconnected due to national regulatory action without notice regardless of provider, a gamble to which Blacktel does not subject its customers or itself.

What are bundles?

Local regulations - in some countries - require the user to provide a valid address and/or identity proof at the time of the phone number purchase. You can create bundles to be compliant with local regulators and add virtual numbers all around the world.

You can add multiple bundles from different countries. Once your bundle gets approved by local authorities, you can add phone numbers that needs to be compliant with the local regulations.

Phone numbers without identity check?

Blacktel provides virtual numbers without any address or identity proof! We have best experience with international use for countries like US or United Kingodm. You will find other countries with no proof. Please simply search through our virtual numbers.

Other providers do not require address and identity information for phone numbers?

Many countries around the world have recently been increasing their security of how their phone numbers are used. We strongly believe all providers are being asked — or soon will be asked — to provide the same information Blacktel requires. In every country, the regulations apply equally to all phone number providers. Blacktel is in no way being singled out.

Which countries need an identity check?

We categorize phone numbers in three main types:

🌐 No regulations

For this phone numbers you don't need to provide any identity information and are perfect for worldwide use cases.

🌈 Regulated for worldwide use

To buy these phone numbers you need to provide your identity to the local authorities, but it can be anywhere in the world.

⚡ Regulated locally

You need a citizenship for this countries to get phone numbers.

Learn more about how to buy phone number from different countries worldwide.

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