How to start my virtual phone?

The first steps with your virtual phone. Read our tutorial on how to start your own virtual phone on

Creating a Blacktel Account

To get started with your own virtual phone, you need an account. You can create an account on our website for free.

You can choose between a business account for your company or an individual account for your own use. Business and individual accounts come with different features that are adapted to your needs and requirements.

Please note: After creating your account, we would recommend you to upgrade your level, as this allows you access to further features and a higher quota.

Add Credits

After adding credits to your account, you are able to add a virtual phone number to your virtual phone. You can purchase credits via PayPal or different Crypto payment providers.

Adding a virtual number

You can view and select virtual numbers in your Dashboard using the „Manage Numbers“ option. Select a country of your liking, the service you need (for example: call+sms, call, sms ...) and then select your favorite virtual number from a list of available numbers.

Please note: We cannot guarantee a successful verification from third party companies such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Google and Co. with any virtual number. We always work on improving our system and try our best to make it possible.

When adding a virtual number to your account, you can choose between a Prepaid or Subscription Plan.

  • Our Prepaid Plan means that you pay as you go. Your virtual numbers will not be automatically renewed. You can choose for yourself how long you want to use a number and can renew it yourself if you want to use it longer. But please be careful, as expired numbers cannot be renewed again.
  • With our Subscription Plan, you do not have to take care of anything. We will renew your virtual phone numbers for you. You can cancel your subscription after each month. There are no hidden fees or costs.


The integration of your own devices is a clever way to combine your virtual phone with your real one. By adding a device to your account, you can use your virtual phone to make phone calls and to send SMS and fax with your real numbers.

Attention Devices can only be used to send messages and faxes and make phone calls. They will not listen to any incoming message or call like virtual numbers can do.

Virtual Phone is ready

After adding a virtual number or a device to your account, your virtual phone is ready and can be used for your calls, SMS and/or Fax.

Download our free Android or iOS app. With Blacktel you no longer need a cell phone SIM cards, but nevertheless you are connected to the global cellular network for calls and text messages.

With the App you only have to activate the push features for messages (SMS) and calls. This means that Blacktel works and runs in the background and provides incoming SMS and calls as soon as they come in. Just like they would in your cell phone. You can activate the push feature for either SMS or calls or both. No more logging in to check your messages, we simplified this process altogether!

⭐ Webphone

Try out our new standalone Webphone. We recommend to use your Blacktel only on one device at the same time. Learn more about using Blacktel on multiple devices.

Blacktel Webphone

Open your virtual phone

To initialize a call, sms or fax, simply open your virtual phone. Give it a try

Blacktel listens in on all your virtual numbers

If you are logged in to, we automatically listen in on all your active numbers. A notification pops up when you receive a call, message or fax to any virtual number.

Test an incoming call

Test an incoming message

Test an incoming fax

Download our latest free Desktop App for your preferred system. The Desktop App also offers system notifications and it was never easier to use Blacktel as your Phone.

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