Second Phone Number

Buy a second number online and use it for Tinder, Facebook, Google and online services

Buy a Second Number

With Blacktel you can easily get a 2ND phone number. Our second phone numbers come with different services - for calls (voice), text (SMS) and fax - enabled. You can also add multiple second phone numbers to your Blacktel.

Blacktel is the best App for a private second number

Second phone numbers and temporary phone numbers are a great way to add flexibility and convenience to your communication. With a second phone number, you can separate work and personal calls, or have a dedicated number for a specific project or client.

Temporary phone numbers, on the other hand, are ideal for situations where you need a phone number for a short period of time, such as when traveling or signing up for a service. Both second phone numbers and temporary phone numbers can be used online, allowing you to make and receive calls and texts from anywhere with an internet connection. This makes them a valuable tool for businesses and individuals who need to stay connected while on the go. Overall, second phone numbers and temporary phone numbers provide a convenient and flexible way to improve your communication.

🌐 No regulations

We provide second numbers without any regulations. So you can keep your identity private.

How can I get a real second number?

Simply create a free Blacktel account and prepaid credits. Then you can choose between real second line numbers from our phone numbers list. The second line number is immediately active and ready to use within your Blacktel.

Is it worth having a second line?

To keep your privacy its highly recommend to use a second line phone number for your daily purpose. It will also helps your to protect your real number from unwanted calls and spam messages.

What can I do with a second number?

With a second line you can register through many services that requires a real mobile number. But that's not all, you can also interact with family and friends or even use it with your daily business. Use your second line for online dating e.g on Tinder or Bumble as well as your internet shopping tours. So you never get any spam to your real phone number.

What are the costs of my second phone number?

All our second line numbers are on a prepaid basis and can be disconnected at any time. So a second number will take care of your budget.

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