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Buy virtual phone numbers online from USA, UK, Canada or choose your preferred country. You can connect multiple phone numbers with different services to your Blacktel and start right away with online calls and text messages.

Need more privacy? You can buy our virtual phone numbers with Bitcoin, Ether or other crypto currencies. Use Blacktel virtual numbers for WhatsApp, Telegram or any kind of SMS verification.

What are virtual Phone Numbers?

Virtual numbers are phone numbers that are not tied to a specific physical location. Instead, they are routed to existing phone lines, allowing businesses to have a local, mobile or toll-free number without having to set up additional phone lines. This can save money and make it easier for customers to contact the business. Virtual numbers are often managed and configured online, giving businesses greater flexibility and control over their phone system. Additionally, virtual numbers can be used for a variety of purposes, including setting up a call center, implementing call forwarding, and creating a unified communications system. Overall, virtual numbers are a valuable tool for businesses looking to improve their customer service and reach more customers.


With Blacktel you can easily get a phone number from all over the world. Not all but many countries have local regulations about numbers, so we categorize phone numbers in three main types. Learn more about phone number regulatory in our learning docs.

🌐 No regulations

For this phone numbers you don't need to provide any identity information. They are perfect for worldwide use cases and mostly come with dual capabilities for voice and text so its perfect to use with our CALL+SMS service.

🌈 Regulated for worldwide use

To buy these phone numbers you may need to provide your identity to the local authorities, but your identity can be from anywhere in the world. Not all numbers from these countries are regulated. This depends mostly on the type of the phone number as well as you are an individual or company. If a virtual phone number needs a regulations, you will see it when you try to add it to your Blacktel.

⚡ Regulated by country

You need a citizenship for this countries to get phone numbers. You need to proof that you are a citizen or local company from this country.

Phone number types

Choose the best phone number type to connect to your Blacktel virtual phone. Different types provide different capabilities for virtual numbers.

Multi-Function Numbers

Voice, SMS, and MMS on the same number. With Blacktel service Call+SMS you get multi function numbers.

Local Number

Voice-enabled phone numbers with a regional identity. Perfect to get a local phone number for calls.

Toll-Free Numbers

Voice and SMS-enabled national numbers. Toll-Free numbers are designed to be used for domestic inbound voice calls and messages.

Mobile Numbers

SMS-capable national cell phone numbers. Receive and send text messages within cell numbers.

National Numbers

Voice-capable standard call-cost national numbers.

Short Codes

Numbers for high volume SMS and MMS traffic.

With the development of technology and the expansion of business, many organizations are increasingly preferring the use of virtual phone numbers for better communication with their customers and partners. In addition, organizations also have been using phone numbers for calls and text messages purposes. A phone number is a unique identifier of a person or organization that can be used to reach its target market in a more effective manner. It is possible to use phone numbers from many countries across the world surprisingly they are highly cost effective way to communicate across borders with no additional charges.

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