Virtual Number for WhatsApp Business

Create a WhatsApp Business account with your Blacktel

Virtual Number for WhatsApp Business

Blacktel is the quickest way to create a WhatsApp Business account! provides clean, dedicated, non-recycled phone numbers, guaranteed to work with WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business.

What is Whatsapp Business?

WhatsApp Business is another WhatsApp app intended to be used by business owners to chat with their customers, providing additional features specifically designed for businesses.

  1. Talk to your customers using their favorite chat app
  2. Have complete separation of your personal chats, and your business customers and leads
  3. Set your business profile, including working hours and business location, for your customers to see
  4. Auto-reply message when off work hours
  5. Auto greeting message for when new customers first message you
  6. Labeling of customers (New Customer, Pending Payment, etc.)

How to verify WhatsApp Business with a virtual number?

  1. Open WhatsApp Business and enter the virtual number you added in your Blacktel virtual phone
  2. Log in to Blacktel with your account that contains the virtual number. Be sure that your virtual phone is active and you are able to receive calls to your virtual number.
    Do not use the App and Browser simultaneously to receive calls
  3. It may not work to get a SMS from WhatsApp with the verification code, so you have to wait until you can click on "call me".
  4. You get a call from WhatsApp to the entered virtual number which will tell you the verification code. Answer the call in your virtual phone and write down the verification code for WhatsApp.
    We recommend to write down your WhatsApp code on a piece of paper With Whats SIM and Trash SIM numbers you get a mailbox with auto record by default. So you don't need to answer your call by yourself.
  5. Enter the verification code you received in WhatsApp.
  6. Now you are fully verified to WhatsApp with a Blacktel virtual number.

How many WhatsApp Business accounts can I have?

In general, there is no maximum limit. Each virtual number can create a WhatsApp Business account. Depending on your user level, you can add multiple numbers in your account.

I did not receive my WhatsApp Business verification code?

  • Make sure that your virtual number is enabled for incoming calls and SMS
  • Change the verification process from SMS to a phone call
  • Make sure to have a small amount of credits in your account to receive the incoming WhatsApp Business call
  • Make sure you logged in to your Blacktel virtual phone and that your Browser or App can receive calls. To receive calls in your browser, we recommend to use the Chrome Browser and allow Blacktel to use your microphone and speakers. To receive calls in the App (iOS, Android), we recommend to enable push notifications for SMS and calls
  • Do not set up the forwarding option to another phone number in the virtual number settings
  • Wait until the WhatsApp Business progress bar is finished then try again. If you have already tried it a couple of times, please wait up to one hour.
  • If you enabled a mailbox it may take some minutes to record your call. If your Blacktel finished recording, you can listen to your call in your dashboard or call activity.

Mailbox with auto record

Blacktel virtual numbers Whats SIM and Trash SIM enables a mailbox and auto recording feature by default, so you can easily listen to the verification call.

On Trash SIM you can disable the mailbox and answer your incoming calls by your own. For other services, except Whats SIM, you can enable the mailbox with auto recording feature and many more by yourself in the settings of your virtual number.

Can I delete my number after WhatsApp Business registration?

We highly recommend to keep your virtual number active in Blacktel!

The WhatsApp platform will ask you for a new code if you want to move from your mobile to another. You can also lose all of your conversations and history at any time, when your WhatsApp Business virtual number is not active in Blacktel.

You can set the subscription plan for your WhatsApp Business number to keep it easily active. Note: You always need enough credits in your account to automatically renew your WhatsApp Business number. If you don't have enough credits, your virtual number gets deleted anyway.

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