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How to get phone numbers from countries all over the world. Use virtual phone number for voice, text and fax within Blacktel

Phone number

With Blacktel you can easily get a phone number from all over the world. Our phone numbers come with different services - for calls (voice), text (SMS) and fax - enabled. Use multiple numbers within your Blacktel virtual phone.

Many countries have local regulations about numbers, so we categorize phone numbers in three main types:

🌐 No regulations

For this phone numbers you don't need to provide any identity information. They are perfect for worldwide use cases and mostly come with dual capabilities for voice and text so its perfect to use with our CALL+SMS service.

🌈 Regulated for worldwide use

To buy these phone numbers you may need to provide your identity to the local authorities. Your identity can be anywhere from the world, so you don't need a citizenship for the phone numbers' country. Also foreign companies can add numbers from these country.

Not all numbers from these countries are regulated. This depends mostly on the type of the phone number as well as you are an individual or company. If a virtual phone number needs a regulations, you will see it when you try to add it to your Blacktel.

⚡ Regulated locally

You need a citizenship for this countries to get phone numbers. You need to proof that you are a citizen or local company from this country.

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