Free phone number as fallback

Buy one of our US, UK or CA phone numbers and get another number completely free as your fallback number

Improve your Blacktel with a free number

When it comes to international connectivity or receiving verifications of third party services we want to improve your Blacktel. So, if you add a phone number from USA, Canada or UK. you get a free phone number, as your fallback number, for free from one of these countries.

How do I get my free phone number?

  1. Start to add a phone number to your Blacktel
  2. Choose a United States, Canada or United Kingdom country for your phone number
  3. Select the service Call + SMS and search for phone numbers
  4. You see a highlighted information that you can choose a second free phone number for your selected one
  5. Select your country for your free fallback number add
  6. Your main and your free phone number are immediately active and you can start using them including all features.

Can I choose my country?

For international connectivity we recommend an US and UK phone number as your selected pair. It should be also the best choice for receiving verification text messages and calls by third party services. However, it is up to you from what country you select your free phone number. You can also choose the same country as well.

How it works?

Your free phone number gets connected to your main phone number. As long as your main number stay's active your free phone number keeps alive and you can use it with all the features your main phone number has.

What happens when I renew my main number?

If you renew your main number, your free phone number will renewed automatically too. Of course you don't have to pay for the renewal of your free number.

Do I need to take care to renew my fallback number?

No, your fallback number gets renewed automatically with your main number.

What happens when I delete my main number?

If your main number run out and get deleted you associated free number will be deleted also. Take care to keep your main number active and we take care that your free number will also do.

Can I revive my fallback number

If you missed to renew your main number and both of your numbers are now inactive you can revive each number separately in the grace period. Unfortunately we can not connect the free number to your main number again.

Can I get a free number from another country?

Currently we only provide a free number for the countries USA, Canada and United Kingdom. You also need to choose the service Call + SMS.

Do I need any regulatory for this?

No, your free phone number has no regulatory and you don't need to add your identity or address.

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