Profiles, identity and user levels

Upgrade your user level to get more features and add restricted virtual numbers to your account.

User Levels

Your daily quota and the available features depend on your Level. Each level brings a higher quota and more features, it is definitely worth to upgrade.

  • Level 1: Verify your e-mail address to reach Level 1. You can now add up to 2 virtual numbers to your account and have an unlimited amount of inbound SMS.
  • Level 2: Verify your real phone number via SMS. You can now use up to 5 active virtual numbers. The number of outbound calls, SMS and Fax also rises from 50 to 100. You are also able to add your own devices to your virtual phone.
  • Level 3: Verify your identity. The daily quota for outbound calls, SMS and fax rises to 500. There is no spam protection anymore and you can add virtual numbers with identity restriction.

What are profiles?

Local regulations in some countries require the user to provide a valid address and/or identity proof at the time of the phone number purchase. Blacktel separates profiles in address and identity.

  • Address: Virtual numbers - depending on the country - may need an address profile from the same or from any country. If there is an address needed, Blacktel will inform you for each virtual number.
  • Identity: Some virtual numbers have higher restrictions. In addition to an address proof you may need an identity proof. The identity profile have to be always from the country of the virtual number.


You can add multiple address profiles from different countries.


Currently you can only have one identity to your account. This is to protect the individual in those cases, as well as prevent fraudulent intents. Please be assured that the information given to create such proof will be handled confidentially and is only used to confirm your address or identity.

You have to upgrade your user level to get an identity profile

You can have only one identity profile with your Blacktel

Virtual numbers without profile?

Blacktel provides virtual numbers without any address or identity proof! We have best experience with international use for countries like US or United Kingodm. You will find other countries with no proof. Please simply search through our numbers catalog.

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