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Virtual Phone

Virtual phone numbers for calls, sms and fax. Get your personal phone number from your preferred country and start right away with your virtual phone.

Check out our free phone to see how Blacktel works

Virtual numbers

Start adding virtual numbers to use your virtual phone 🥳 Free phone number - Register now and get your first virtual phone number for free.

New to Blacktel? Learn how to use Blacktel and read the quick tutorial on how to start your virtual phone.

Download our free Android or iOS app. With Blacktel you no longer need a cell phone SIM cards, but nevertheless you are connected to the global cellular network for calls and text messages.

With the App you only have to activate the push features for messages (SMS) and calls. This means that Blacktel works and runs in the background and provides incoming SMS and calls as soon as they come in. Just like they would in your cell phone. You can activate the push feature for either SMS or calls or both. No more logging in to check your messages, we simplified this process altogether!

⭐ Webphone

Try out our new standalone Webphone. We recommend to use your Blacktel only on one device at the same time. Learn more about using Blacktel on multiple devices.

Blacktel Webphone

Download our latest free Desktop App for your preferred system. The Desktop App also offers system notifications and it was never easier to use Blacktel as your Phone.

Why a virtual phone?

You will no longer need SIM cards or even cell phones. With our virtual numbers, you can create your own virtual phone and manage your calls, texts and fax.

We provide different services for virtual phone numbers

Calls + SMS Calls + SMS

With the Call + SMS service you make the best decision. Receive and make calls, send and receive SMS with one single virtual number.

🌟 Buy an United States, Canada or United Kingdom phone number and get a free phone number as fallback

Calls Calls

Receive and make calls with virtual numbers


Send and receive text messages (SMS)

Fax Fax

Send and receive fax documents

Whats SIM Whats SIM

Create second accounts for popular messenger and social networks.

Guide: Virtual number for WhatsApp

Trash SIM Trash SIM

Receive calls and text messages online. Our Trash SIM is perfect for all kinds of online verifications

Travel SIM

Travel SIM

Use our prepaid phone numbers for your next trip. Worldwide SIM card for business or vacation travelling. Easy online management of your travel SIM card in Blacktel.

Prepaid phone number

Prepaid phone number

Short term phone numbers on a prepaid basis. Perfect for short usage without long contracts.



Make and receive calls around the world with dedicated phone numbers

Text messages

Text messages

Send and receive text message


Online Fax

Sending and receiving faxes with dedicated fax phone numbers. You can also directly forward incoming faxes to your email address.

Phone numbers from around the world

Phone numbers from around the world

Instantly buy dedicated phone numbers from countries all around the world and use it within your Blacktel virtual phone.

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