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Use Blacktel as your free fax service. Send free fax documents and receive faxes with our fax numbers

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Make sure your recipient is an online fax device

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How to fax?
  1. Choose a free fax phone number as your sender id
  2. Enter a text or upload a PDF to send as fax
  3. Enter your recipient. Please check to select the right country and that the number is a fax device
  4. Send your free fax

Receive fax?

You can receive fax documents to our free phone numbers. Please do not send any private documents! Everybody can read the incoming fax in our free phone.

You are save on adding a dedicated fax phone number to your Blacktel

Send free faxes all over the world with Blacktel. All you need is an account and your browser and you're ready to go. Select the country of your recipient and enter a recipient fax number to which you would like to send a free fax.

With our free online fax, you can also test your own fax device to see whether it is configured correctly.

To which countries can I send free faxes?

You can send a free fax to almost any country in the world. There may be restrictions in some countries. If you have problems sending a fax to a country, please let us know.

Does my sender number have to be from the country I'm sending a fax to?

No. You can send faxes to other countries with any free fax number. This also goes beyond national borders and even continents. If possible, we recommend dialing a fax number from the country you want to fax to for free. But as we said, this is not absolutely necessary.

Can I also receive faxes free of charge?

Yes. You can also receive faxes online with our free fax numbers. But be careful! Anyone can read incoming faxes to our free fax numbers. Please never send private content to these numbers! You are safe if you add your own fax numbers to your Blacktel. These are then private and only accessible to you.

Do other users also see the faxes I have sent?

No. Your outgoing faxes are only shown to you in your account. No third party can see who you have faxed to or read the free faxes you have sent.

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