No Spam Policy

We do not tolerate sending spam with calls, messages and fax

§1 Introduction

Blacktelio OÜ, including subsidiaries and affiliates ("Website" or "Website Owner" or "we" or "us" or "our") has implemented a strict no spam policy. We do not tolerate sending spam messages and calls or any messages that are not approved by the receiver, can be harmful in any way or are breaking any law.

§2 Marketing: Opt-in

When sending marketing messages, calls or any other type of message other then A2P (=Application to Person), the receiver should have given permission to their number. Sending messages to receivers that did not gave permission is considered sending spam messages and is forbidden.

§3 A2P messaging

When sending A2P messages (=Application to Person), the receiver of the messages should have given permission to receive messages to their number or the message should be expected after the user performed an specific action. For example, sending a login token to complete a login action.

§4 Account blocking

When an account is caught sending spam messages and calls, it is blocked instantly and cannot be used anymore to send any messages. This blockage is permanent and cannot be undone.

§5 No refunds

When an account is blocked due to spamming, the accountholder has no right to get a refund. The rules are simple.

§6 Complaints and account details

When Blacktel receives complaints from operators or receivers concerning spam in any form, Blacktel will investigate each case. If needed, account details will be shared with law enforcement for criminal investigations and hopefully procecution.

§7 Examples

To make all the above clear, some examples are given. Please note that these are just examples, this policy is not limited to just these examples.

(1) Unlocking/iPhone/iCloud Spam
Sending messages with content related to iCloud/iPhone/iMessage/etc. are not allowed and will result in immediate blocking of your account.

(2) Account fishing
Sending messages with content intended to steal login information through a fake service is stictly forbidden. Any such attempts will be filtered, account will be blocked and account details will be shared with law enforcement agencies.



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